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Board Elections will be held at the next owner's meeting on October 28, 2017. English Towers is inviting you to run to be on the board to help manage the organization to keep it the best on the beach. There are four positions that will be voted for. If you are hard working, experienced and have the commitment to attend the meetings, contribute and be a part of the decisions that keep our building and staff top notch, please throw your hat in the ring. Indicate your interest in being on the board by sending an email to Gene at Put "Interested in ET Board" in the subject line. Include your biography explaining why you will make a good board member, and do not exceed 175 words. If you have any questions or cannot email, give Gene a call at 410-279-9735.

NEW PARKING REGULATIONS: ALL vehicles must display an English Towers parking permit. Owners must have current (burgundy) ETCA permits. Please pick your permits up in the office as soon as possible if you have not already done so. OWNERS GUEST REGISTRATION FORMS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED. Each owner has been issued 4 parking permits per unit to be used for owners and/or their guests. These permits are assigned BY UNIT and should not be passed around to other owners or renters for their use.

Additional parking (IF AVAILABLE) is $10/per day or $40/week. Anyone who has not been given a pass by the owner will be subject to the above fees. “Daily” parking passes are also available for guests who just come to visit for the day (not overnight).  Please have day visitors come to the office for a daily parking pass.    

BOOTING AND FINES ARE NOW IN EFFECT for those who do not have proper parking permit(s).  REMINDER:  BOOTING FEE IS $50/PER DAY.  This is considerably cheaper than a $450 towing fee!
If you have any questions regarding these procedures, feel free to call the office (410-524-4196).


Board of Directors Meetings are at 8:30 am and open to all homeowners. Upcoming Board Meetings are as follows:   

June 24, 2017

August 12, 2017

September 16, 2017

October 28, 2017  - (AND HOMEOWNER MEETING AT 10 AM)