Fee for service


Fee-for-Service Handyman Program

If you would like to have ETCA staff do  minor maintenance jobs such as those listed, please send this form (link below) to etcaoffice@gmail.com and your projects will be added to the list.  As indicated in the memo, our first priority is the maintenance of our building and property, but we expect to have time available, especially during the winter months, to handle a fair number of these jobs. 

LABOR CHARGE for all services - Minimum of half hour or $20 ($50/hr in 15-minute increments after first half hour)

PARTS CHARGE:  Cost + 20% and/or owner-provided (good quality to ensure satisfactory results)


Replace outlet/cover plate                        

Replace switch/cover plate            

Replace GFI receptacle        

Replace garbage disposer            

Replace kitchen light ballast    

Replace light bulbs


Replace hot water heater

Replace toilet flush fill valve (complete)        

Replace toilet flapper            

Replace toilet flush handle            

Replace wax ring/set toilet or install new toilet            

Install kitchen/bath faucets or shower head                

Replace kitchen/bath drain ‘P’ trap            

Replace icemaker waterline            

Replace/secure drain line – clothes washer    

    Indicate whether Formica counters or stone counters                    

Caulk bathroom tub/shower 

Miscellaneous Repairs

Install door stop; replace door or cabinet hinges                

Silicone caulk countertops        

Install closet shelving/shelf in beach locker            

Install (Owner-provided) closet doors/repair closet doors

Make minor repairs to appliances

Clean dryer vent (on walkways); clean 01/02s dryer vent from the inside

Drywall repairs

Replace screening in existing frame

Replace storm door closer/chain/sweep

Replace weather stripping on entrance door

Paint (interior) walls/ceilings/doors

Wash glass doors/windows/screens/tracks; spray WD40 on wheels

Replace furnace filter

Clear condensate line

Clean inside of storm shutters; replace hold-down tab/bolts on center rail

Clean porch furniture

Replace batteries in smoke alarm/thermostat

Install plastic cover over exterior AC unit (on walkways only, not 01/02 units)

Install new storm door (Owner-provided) 

Install ceiling fan/s (Owner-provided) 

Clean ceiling fan blades

Clean popcorn ceiling above ceiling fan or heating louvers

Remove/rehang curtains/draperies for cleaning by owner 

Affix outdoor decorations to balcony walls/hang pictures/mirrors 

Turn on/off air conditioning/heat, open/close shutters, turn water/water heater/ice maker on/off 

Clean snow off vehicle 

Locks & Keys


Duplicate key

Replace deadbolt assembly

Replace interior doorknob assembly

and other services as needed. 

English Towers will provide a quote for larger jobs (e.g., painting an entire room or rooms).