• Owners must have ETCA pet tag(s) for any pets that are on our property. Please be respectful and considerate of the beach, our property and the dog walk by picking up after your pet. Some owners are walking their dog on the beach which is a violation of city law. In addition, even if you pick up the dog's waste it leaves bacteria on the warm sand that children can pick up. Some have not been cleaning up after they take their dog to the dog walk. It is a health problem. If the problem persists, we may have to close the dog walk. Also, please do not walk your dog(s) on the adjacent properties. That is why we have a designated dog walk area.
  • OCEAN CITY DOG PLAYGROUND AT 94TH STREET (A DOG RUN) - The Ocean City "Dog Playground" Park offers a dog run for small and large dogs. The facility is very nice and is located behind the Acme off of 94th Street. The dog playground is divided into 2 sections. There is a small dog area for dogs 28 pounds and under. There is also a large dog area for dogs over 28 pounds. 
  • Dog Pass Access Cards: The access cards will allow you to gain entry to the appropriate dog area during the scheduled hours of operation. The access pass issued will allow unlimited usage of the Ocean City Dog Playground located in Ocean City, Maryland from dawn to dusk, seven (7) days a week, weather & conditions permitting. Please note that cards are non-transferable.
  • Visit them online at or call 410-250-0125. Fee involved, but worth it. 
  • Dogs, with a leash, are permitted at Northside Park in Ocean City on 125th Street. Visit them online at or call 410-250-0125. Fee involved, but worth it.
  • For current complete details and forms and visit the Town of Ocean City's website.


  • All bulk trash (items that do not fit into the trash container with the lid closed) must be disposed of by calling the city maintenance department at 410-524-0391. Please call the Town of Ocean City for fees.


  • Our delivery policy will ensure that your deliveries go smoothly, no damage to the elevators will occur and be of no inconvenience to our residents.  FOR ALL DELIVERIES, please notify the office in advance so elevator pads may be placed for the protection of our NEW elevators.  All deliveries must be made at the SOUTH entrance only.  ABSOLUTELY no deliveries between Memorial Day and Labor Day unless prior authorization is given by Building Manager.


  • REMINDER:  The office will not release keys to any contractor or cleaning people unless we have previously been notified by the Owner, either verbally or in writing (preferable).  Please let us know when you have someone coming to gain access to your unit.   ALL contractors and cleaners MUST sign in at the office and contractors must provide Certificate of Insurance and license to the office prior to beginning work.  Please click on the below link “Check List for Contractors” to provide to your contractors.